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Can't I get a cheaper knife somewhere else?

Absolutely.  Cheaper is the key word.  Most likely you can get something pressed out of China that’ll serve for a short while, but at Southern Long Beard Knives we believe quality demands a price and our customers deserve a better blade.

What's so great about a custom build?

Seth Borries is a Bladesmith, putting skill and attention into each indivual blade that’s made.  There’s no lot of blades made at once – each knife gets focused attention only a craftsman can bring.  A Custom Built Knife also gives you the opportunity to have the weight, length, edge, and choice of materials we forge with.

But how do they cut?

Southern Long Beard knives are hair-poppin sharp.  Watch yourself.  The effort Seth puts into honing the 52100 Carbon Steel our blades have ensures a razor edge for a long time.  Not only do they hold an edge better, but they are easier to sharpen and maintain over time versus mass produced knives.

Invested in good gear: Boots, Headwear, Camo.

Paid for perfect lodging or quality camp gear.

Got a dependable hunting weapon.

Should I settle on my knife?

The Most Essential Part
of Your Toolkit

It doesn’t get more basic than your knife.  Whether you are a collector, a hunter, an angler, or any outdoor enthusiast, a knife at your side is where it all starts.

No ammo.  No batteries.  The key to a thousand problems.  A good blade will be with you every step of the way and make what you love doing better by making it cleaner, easier, and most importantly – a more reliable of an adventure.

Crafted in Mississippi
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